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Alex WIFLER (USA) won his first ever senior title

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Alex WIFLER was traned 1 month in Korea 

with Kim, Hyung- Tak
In a surprise upset at the Easton Foundations Gator Cup, Alex WIFLER (USA) won his first ever senior title at a USAT Qualifier Series Event, taking a 6-2 victory against Canadian Olympic Team member Crispin DUENAS, on a field that had some of the USA's (and Canada's) strongest archers competing.

WIFLER overcame several tough opponents in his earlier matches, including Olympic hopeful Matthew ZUMBO (USA), Chris WEBSTER (USA) and Resident Athlete Jeremiah CUSICK (USA) to reach his match with DUENAS, who had to content himself with a silver medal. "I thought it was pretty fun," the gold medallist recounted. "It's my first tournament shot with adults... I just did what I normally do. I was just shooting. I just came here to shoot, and that's what I was doing  

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